Friday, October 3, 2014

Dallas Ebola Patient Came To US 'To Marry Girlfriend'

Thomas Eric Duncan has been identified as the patient who brought Ebola to the United States.

Duncan flew to the United States from Ebola-laden Liberia, where days before he embarked on a trip to the United States he came into direct contact with an Ebola infected woman.

Sources report Duncan helped carry a pregnant woman who was dying from Ebola to a hospital.

Allegedly, Duncan then took a flight from Liberia and failed to mention in a questionnaire that he was in direct contact with an Ebola patient.

Details have emerged indicating Duncan came to the United States to marry his girlfriend.  Duncan became symptomatic and went to a hospital two times, being turned away with antibiotics and a general discharge each occasion.

It was not until Duncan went to the hospital in an ambulance were his symptoms closely evaluated and a diagnosis of Ebola was reached by clinicians.

Reports indicate Duncan arrived in America to start a new life with Louise Troh, who he plans to marry.  The report of the marriage plans came in an email to Wilshire Baptist Church, which was released to American News Media today.

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