Saturday, March 28, 2015

Indiana Restaurant Charges 'Gay Tax' to Gay Customers, Cites Religious Freedom Bill as Explanation

Gay customers are being charged a 'Gay Tax' at restaurants in Indiana. Zach Smith, who was visiting Indianapolis from New York with his partner to protest the new Religious Freedom Bill, has come forward as a victim who recently encountered the new tax being levied against gay customers.

 "While my partner and I were finishing our meal, our nice waitress came up and politely asked if she could get us anything else. We said 'no' and asked for our check. She asked if we would like separate checks and we again said 'no', which prompted her to ask, "Oh, are you two a couple?" Smith and his partner indicated yes, taking the waitress' polite tone as 'typical Midwest response' to seeing a couple so proud, open and gay sharing a meal.

 The couple's patience with the waitress' gaffe soon turned to anger, however, when the receipt at right was presented to them. After all of their standard charges, a 'gay tax' appeared. Angered, Smith immediately called the waitress back to the table. "What is this," Smith asked, completely angered. The waitress quickly apologized and explained she would immediately call her manager out to explain everything. The manager of the restaurant read Smith the following explanation from a small placard:
"Our establishment is protected by the Religious Freedom Bill, which grants our staff the right to not serve gay customers. We believe in equal opportunity so we do let all people eat here, but we do train our staff to screen suspiciously gay customers as the law allows. Since gays dining in this establishment can create an uncomfortable dining experience for families, we offset this cost and risk with the Gay Tax you see on your receipt. Our establishment's regular customer base has also expressed concern that we will allow gays to eat here. They are concerned that dishes utilized by gay customers have a higher risk of containing pathogens associated with the gay lifestyle. We offset this concern by offering a higher level of dishwashing that far exceeds industry standards and requirements. To offset the cost of this process when serving gay customers, we kindly apply the 'Gay Tax' so all parties can enjoy a meal at our establishment."
Smith and his partner paid for their meal and vowed to continue to encourage protests of all facilities in Indiana who show active support of the Religious Freedom Bill.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cheating Denver Broncos Flood Stadium With Marijuana, Cause Dizzied Cardinals To Lose Sunday Game

Multiple NFL teams have complained the high marijuana to oxygen ration inside Mile High Stadium gives the marijuana-trained Broncos an unfair advantage at home against incoming teams from states where marijuana remains appropriately illegal.
Denver, Colorado – Shocking new reports from sources in Denver confirm that Denver Broncos personnel were seen flooding Mile High Stadium with marijuana smoke, inundating the stadium with copious clouds of the mind-altering chemical moments before the game.  Sources claim Denver Broncos staff also flooded the Cardinal’s lockerroom with a constant stream of marijuana smoke before the game and during halftime, as they have done with other teams for the last two years.
NBC commentators noted that several Cardinals players, including veteran Calais Campbell, complained of instantly feeling ‘dizzy and nauseated’ when they took to the stadium to do stretches and practice before the game started. Cardinal's coach Bruce Arians complained of feeling like he was ‘having a stroke’ as he stood on the sideline, trying to focus on his players and finding out why his receivers continually dropped passes throughout the first half of the Sunday night game.
“It is suspicious when you have the Cardinal's defense running weak and wobbly-legged and Peyton Manning chucking 77-yard touchdown passes off his left foot to his receivers, our guys hardly able to keep their balance and giggling,” a stoic Bruce Arians said, saying the Cardinals will get beyond this game and prepare for next week.

Let's face it, Peyton Manning and his entire cabal of Broncos are using marijuana as a performance-enhancing drug.   Be honest here.  Manning is geriatric by NFL standards, yet is set to break the touchdown record of the legendary Brett Favre.  If the Broncos weren't suffering from 'juana rage, his 77-yard touchdown toss would have also given him the single-game passing record.

Does no one else find this all highly suspicious?  That a mediocre quarterback who was cut from the Colts from being to old, suddenly moves to a marijuana-fanatic state where everyone huffs and puffs, then he suddenly starts throwing up legendary numbers?  He opens 21 'munchies' factories, aka, Papa Johns and no one bats an eye?

Wake up, sheeple!

Manning is still keeping a youthful, muscular appearance, unlike Favre who looked rugged and gray, hobbled by years of battle in the NFL. But Peyton Manning continues to hop about like a newborn fawn hopping about the Spring-morning's dew, so fresh and revitalized! It is because the Denver Broncos are no good cheats.

Buffalo Bills v Denver BroncosArians may have a reasonable concern.  The Cardinals receivers did drop the ball more than usual and their usually stellar defense could barely hold their legs under them.  The one guy who could play good defense was chop blocked and now will be on injured reserve for a month.
The image at right blatantly shows a marijuana-conditioned Broncos player walking through a field of marijuana smoke earlier this season.
If the evidence and accusations are correct, the Broncos are actively training in marijuana heavy conditions and then flooding the locker rooms of visiting teams with marijuana, and the stadium with marijuana, making the other team devastatingly ‘high’ and unfocused throughout the game.
And this is the secret to how the Broncos are pulling off record-setting victories like they did today.  I will draft an official letter to the NFL to investigate the Bronco’s underhanded strategies, which again, has been an ongoing complaint by multiple teams playing against this morally questionable franchise.
On to the evidence.
Peyton Manning and the Broncos obviously hotboxing in their locker room.  The Broncos routinely smoke marijuana to their heart's content, giving them loose, limber muscles before and after the game.  Marijuana is a performance enhancing drug and the Broncos are abusing this loophole to the league's very strict anti-doping policy.  

They are calling it the most violent cheap shot in the history of the NFL.  Look at how Thomas' Denver-mariuana air filled body is rippling with angry muscles, ready to unleash 'juana rage on a fairly conditioned Campbell.  

Beers, marijuana and groping hugs from women.  The Broncos are living it up because the US allowed Colorado to become a liberal utopia.  Teams from more conservative states cannot compete against the Broncos and their marijuana advantages.

Republicans, We Must Vote To Bring Germany's "Free College" To America And Here Is Why!

The liberals of social media have really enjoyed spreading the leading infographic all over Twitter and Facebook lately.  If you have an Obama-fanatic as a Facebook friend, you've certainly seen this picture come through your news feed.

Sometime last week, the once proud nation of Germany voted to let all of their students go to college for free.  On the surface, this sounds like the most communist, anti-American idea of all time.

What right do kids have to go to college for free, if their parents cannot afford it?  It teaches them to rely on the government and defeats the entire purpose of having a job in the first place.  Free market-capitalism!

Typically, this would be the end of my article.  "Government does not create jobs," as Mitt Romney told Obama in the debates preceding the 2012 elections.   I would say that government does not let lazy, unmotivated welfare babies kick back through high school and then laugh as they get admitted into a state school and turn higher education into a joke.  It is guaranteeing a four-year vacation.

But as we should have known, as your liberal Facebook friends overlooked, the Germans have already prepared for that eventuality.  The clever thing about the German funding system is that it lets the government PICK AND CHOOSE who is going to go into what fields of education.

In order to qualify for free college education in Germany, students and their parents must sign an agreement.  The agreement states that while in high school, the student must take a 'career placement' test in their second year.  The test is binding.

The test is passable all the times, because it is meant to access your job skills.  Let's say little young Eric Holder decides, "One day, I am going to be an attorney!  Maybe one day, I'll be the attorney general for America!"

When he goes to take his high school aptitude test, the results would have to say that he's best qualified to go into law.  The test can be rigged so his results may instead say, "Telemarketer", or "Sprint-store Sale Associate".

Great!  Those are great careers, and the government would then let him enroll in the trade school of his choice that accepts him, and pay for his education.  But due to the contract, that is the only field of study who could go to and get any tuition money from the government.

I think this system is brilliant.  The test is made by the government, so questions on the test can easily be made so they students from certain demographics.  I would make mathematics and English very challenging on the test, to the point that inner-city school children would either have to have perfect mastery of American, or fail!  They would all have their little hopes dashed and bashed before their eyes.

"Sorry little DeShawn, no medical school for you!  But you are qualified to go to trade school to be a mechanic!"  I would love to apply to write the congratulations letters to all those high school children getting their 'free ride' to college.

So yes, I agree with this German system 100%.  If the government is going to get to pay, it should be able to...influence...what fields every student is going into.  I'm sure that there are many more honest people like me out there who would love to help rig these tests and before any of you accuse me of advocating a modern-day Jim Crowe, just know I'd happily send one of these tests to a young Billly Bubba Clinton.

We all know he has the makings for 'Small Business Owner', perhaps the pastor of one of those mid-sized megachurches where he sells off holy vitamin water and cleansing towels to his congregation of baby momma sheeple looking for a blessing in their lives.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

MIT Scientist Photographs Man's Soul Leaving the Body and Going to Heaven

Scientists have finally captured proof that when we die, our immortal soul is unleashed from its weak carbon prison and freed unto an energy form. While the identity of the man in the photograph has not been released, he suffered from a terminal illness and an infrared camera was set up in his bedroom at night. The moment that he passed away, instantly we can see a heavenly light invisible to the normal eye shines into his bed of affliction. Immediately, we can see the soul departs from the body and is transported up into Heaven, where Saint Peter will greet him and all of his friends and family will be waiting for him at the gates. After a debriefing with God, this man will live an eternity of limitless joy, happiness and worship! My friends, have you given yourself to the Lord? All to often in government and media, we forget the meaning of life. Our politicians have all but abandoned our nation's Godly heritage and Christian tradition. Everywhere you look in the world, wherever Christians are not leading the road to peace, we are having uprisings like ISIS and Ebola. For years, those who did things like hide the fact our Founding Fathers did indeed believe in the 'Creator' and created "One Nation Under God", as reaffirmed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, have claimed that Christianity has no place in America's government. That is a lie. Did you know that before 1962, it was legal for kids to pray in school. In those days, before our government was overran by anti-American communists, the Ten Commandments adorned the walls of the Supreme Court. Look at how bad the United States is today in comparison to those good days and ask yourself what is missing? The answer: morality, God, Christianity and Government unified and a Supreme Court who realizes the ten greatest laws are the Ten Commandments. Dr. Korotkov's machine that can capture a picture of the soul leaving the body should be a great inspiration to those of you out their without morality in your life. There is reason to live well! There is a reason to not like people like Obama! There is a reason you should vote for Republicans and DEMAND America rebuild its foundation of Christian morality! Glory!

Woman with 'Ebola-Like Symptoms" Quarantined in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO - New reports reveal that late last night, officials in Kansas City quarantined an apartment complex after a person was checked into a local medical facility with a 'contagious illness'.

Sources are indicating the person in question was from Nigeria and developed a fever, in addition to other Ebola-like symptoms.

Initial tests are not yet available and the CDC is purportedly on the way to evaluate the situation.

No official word has come yet from the CDC or the medical research facility where the woman was taken, therefore no conclusions should be reached that the person has Ebola.  There is no confirmation to indicate such a report.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Video of Captured Ebola Victim Rising From The Dead

Officials in Liberia have finally released image documentation of a dead  Ebola victim that 'rised from the dead' to walk again.

Isaiah 26:19-20
19 Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise.

Ganta, Liberria -  Villagers gathered around to watch officials from the CDC take away yet another body that lay dead in their streets, stricken down by the horrible Ebola virus.

ABC News was on scene to capture the story, the human interest piece detailing the struggles of a third-world nation watching as people fell dead all around, locals unable to remove bodies themselves for fear of of falling victims themselves.

When the CDC went to wrap and remove the body of the Ebola patient, an arm suddenly jutted from under the blankets.

"We heard groaning and then the arm stuck out, it was moving.  It was not rigor mortise.  The arm was moving intentionally, trying to grasp out for leverage to make the body rise," reported Ian McConnell, an aide worker from the United Kingdom.

Villagers who gathered around to watch from a safe distance were soon thrown into a panic.  The ABC Newscaster could only look on in shock as the workers realized the body that had lay in the same spot dead, for over 10 days, had suddenly regained life:

News of this Ebola victim comes only days after the United States announced its first Ebola victim in Dallas, Texas.

The Liberian government is accusing the United States of creating Ebola as a bioweapon to use for future wars. Current polls in Liberia show the citizens, at a very alarming 73%, feel that the United States is responsible for the current Ebola outbreak that is killing 50% of those infected.

Liberia’s National Newspaper was the first to report of Ebola victim's rising from the daed.   Initially, officials from the World Health Organization fled in shock and horror as the Ebola patients suddenly arose from the dead and walked around a Catholic community in Liberia.

Kansas has declared a state of emergency, with Governor Sam Brownback has declaromg October “Zombie Awareness Month” and putting residents in a state of elevated alert.

Officials with the CDC fear the virus can and will spread to over 5 million people within two months.

Only hours ago, another US plane was boarded by CDC officials after another passenger started to show symptoms of Ebola in-flight.

Over 100 hospitals in the US are reporting patients with Ebola symptoms as of October 4th, 2014.  Some of these hospitals are in the Washington, D.C. area.

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient in the United States with Ebola, is now in critical condition at a Dallas hospital.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Dallas Ebola Patient Came To US 'To Marry Girlfriend'

Thomas Eric Duncan has been identified as the patient who brought Ebola to the United States.

Duncan flew to the United States from Ebola-laden Liberia, where days before he embarked on a trip to the United States he came into direct contact with an Ebola infected woman.

Sources report Duncan helped carry a pregnant woman who was dying from Ebola to a hospital.

Allegedly, Duncan then took a flight from Liberia and failed to mention in a questionnaire that he was in direct contact with an Ebola patient.

Details have emerged indicating Duncan came to the United States to marry his girlfriend.  Duncan became symptomatic and went to a hospital two times, being turned away with antibiotics and a general discharge each occasion.

It was not until Duncan went to the hospital in an ambulance were his symptoms closely evaluated and a diagnosis of Ebola was reached by clinicians.

Reports indicate Duncan arrived in America to start a new life with Louise Troh, who he plans to marry.  The report of the marriage plans came in an email to Wilshire Baptist Church, which was released to American News Media today.