Monday, October 6, 2014

Republicans, We Must Vote To Bring Germany's "Free College" To America And Here Is Why!

The liberals of social media have really enjoyed spreading the leading infographic all over Twitter and Facebook lately.  If you have an Obama-fanatic as a Facebook friend, you've certainly seen this picture come through your news feed.

Sometime last week, the once proud nation of Germany voted to let all of their students go to college for free.  On the surface, this sounds like the most communist, anti-American idea of all time.

What right do kids have to go to college for free, if their parents cannot afford it?  It teaches them to rely on the government and defeats the entire purpose of having a job in the first place.  Free market-capitalism!

Typically, this would be the end of my article.  "Government does not create jobs," as Mitt Romney told Obama in the debates preceding the 2012 elections.   I would say that government does not let lazy, unmotivated welfare babies kick back through high school and then laugh as they get admitted into a state school and turn higher education into a joke.  It is guaranteeing a four-year vacation.

But as we should have known, as your liberal Facebook friends overlooked, the Germans have already prepared for that eventuality.  The clever thing about the German funding system is that it lets the government PICK AND CHOOSE who is going to go into what fields of education.

In order to qualify for free college education in Germany, students and their parents must sign an agreement.  The agreement states that while in high school, the student must take a 'career placement' test in their second year.  The test is binding.

The test is passable all the times, because it is meant to access your job skills.  Let's say little young Eric Holder decides, "One day, I am going to be an attorney!  Maybe one day, I'll be the attorney general for America!"

When he goes to take his high school aptitude test, the results would have to say that he's best qualified to go into law.  The test can be rigged so his results may instead say, "Telemarketer", or "Sprint-store Sale Associate".

Great!  Those are great careers, and the government would then let him enroll in the trade school of his choice that accepts him, and pay for his education.  But due to the contract, that is the only field of study who could go to and get any tuition money from the government.

I think this system is brilliant.  The test is made by the government, so questions on the test can easily be made so they students from certain demographics.  I would make mathematics and English very challenging on the test, to the point that inner-city school children would either have to have perfect mastery of American, or fail!  They would all have their little hopes dashed and bashed before their eyes.

"Sorry little DeShawn, no medical school for you!  But you are qualified to go to trade school to be a mechanic!"  I would love to apply to write the congratulations letters to all those high school children getting their 'free ride' to college.

So yes, I agree with this German system 100%.  If the government is going to get to pay, it should be able to...influence...what fields every student is going into.  I'm sure that there are many more honest people like me out there who would love to help rig these tests and before any of you accuse me of advocating a modern-day Jim Crowe, just know I'd happily send one of these tests to a young Billly Bubba Clinton.

We all know he has the makings for 'Small Business Owner', perhaps the pastor of one of those mid-sized megachurches where he sells off holy vitamin water and cleansing towels to his congregation of baby momma sheeple looking for a blessing in their lives.


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