Sunday, October 5, 2014

MIT Scientist Photographs Man's Soul Leaving the Body and Going to Heaven

Scientists have finally captured proof that when we die, our immortal soul is unleashed from its weak carbon prison and freed unto an energy form. While the identity of the man in the photograph has not been released, he suffered from a terminal illness and an infrared camera was set up in his bedroom at night. The moment that he passed away, instantly we can see a heavenly light invisible to the normal eye shines into his bed of affliction. Immediately, we can see the soul departs from the body and is transported up into Heaven, where Saint Peter will greet him and all of his friends and family will be waiting for him at the gates. After a debriefing with God, this man will live an eternity of limitless joy, happiness and worship! My friends, have you given yourself to the Lord? All to often in government and media, we forget the meaning of life. Our politicians have all but abandoned our nation's Godly heritage and Christian tradition. Everywhere you look in the world, wherever Christians are not leading the road to peace, we are having uprisings like ISIS and Ebola. For years, those who did things like hide the fact our Founding Fathers did indeed believe in the 'Creator' and created "One Nation Under God", as reaffirmed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, have claimed that Christianity has no place in America's government. That is a lie. Did you know that before 1962, it was legal for kids to pray in school. In those days, before our government was overran by anti-American communists, the Ten Commandments adorned the walls of the Supreme Court. Look at how bad the United States is today in comparison to those good days and ask yourself what is missing? The answer: morality, God, Christianity and Government unified and a Supreme Court who realizes the ten greatest laws are the Ten Commandments. Dr. Korotkov's machine that can capture a picture of the soul leaving the body should be a great inspiration to those of you out their without morality in your life. There is reason to live well! There is a reason to not like people like Obama! There is a reason you should vote for Republicans and DEMAND America rebuild its foundation of Christian morality! Glory!


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  3. I found the historical context provided in the article to be particularly insightful, shedding light on the different cultural and religious beliefs around the concept of the soul. It's clear that the idea of the soul has been a source of fascination and debate for centuries, and Dr. MacDougall's experiments were just one attempt to shed light on this elusive topic.
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  4. This claim lacks scientific credibility and should be viewed with skepticism. There is no scientific evidence supporting the existence of the soul or its ability to be photographed. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and this assertion does not meet that standard. It is essential to rely on credible scientific research and peer-reviewed studies when evaluating such extraordinary claims.
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  6. The idea that an MIT researcher took a picture of a soul leaving for heaven is a source of skepticism and a challenge to accepted scientific wisdom. This claim necessitates thorough proof and is currently untrustworthy in the scientific community. The idea of taking a picture of a soul's intangible essence as it ascends to heaven is at odds with what is currently understood about human anatomy and physics. In the absence of validated information or peer-reviewed studies, this assertion needs to be treated cautiously. Unbelievable assertions require unbelievable proof, and this alleged disclosure is still speculative and unconvincing in the interim. Empirical evidence, not anecdotal stories or unconfirmed photos of metaphysical phenomena, is what feeds scientific discourse.
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